Heizung19 Jun 2009 03:22 pm

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Today two men from the heating company came to put in a sealing gasket because the foam they used wasn’t enough to keep the water out of the basement.

Martin made coffee and took pictures because there wasn’t much more for him to do.  Good thing we have internet so that he could at least work from home.  

dichtung-vor-einbau dichtung dichtung-mit-silikon

allgemein&Garten&Heizung31 May 2009 05:16 pm

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The torrential rain on Sunday made our house stand in a lake within minutes. Fortunately, Martin was in the basement and saw the porthole in time to avoid the worst.


Without the help of our neighbors, who pumped out the water from the Lichtschacht and dug trenches to keep the water away from the house it could have been much worse.

Wassergraben1 Wassergraben2 Hausansicht

Der unterspülte Lichtschacht wurde mit Kies aufgefüllt.


Hausanschlüsse&Heizung&Küche24 Mar 2009 10:23 pm

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Eventhough Kimberly was at the house again today, Martin’s cell phone rang off the hook from 8 am to 1 pm every 10 minutes.  Here are just a few of the conversations:

e-on: “You do know that the hole that was drilled for electricity is wrong, don’t you?”
Electrician: “Are you hooked up yet, we’d really like to come by and get things finished.”
Digger boys: “What should we do with the extra hole we drilled in the wall?  You now have one too many.”
Telekom: “e-on just informed me that you also want telephone but we need a signature, are you at the house now?”

That’s pretty much how it sounded the entire day.  The hole in the wall will be temporarily filled for later use and the other holes are ready to be filled with utilities.

schweizer_kaese schweizer_wand kernbohrung_nah

The water connection was found in the driveway and brought into the house even though we had a bit of a hail storm at that point of the day.

schneesturm frischwasser wasseruhr_fehlt

The sewer pipes have also been connected.

abwasser1 oktopus

It looks like the heating guy is standing around not quite sure what to do but in reality he’s fixing the broken heating pipe.

ratlos kollektorreparatur waermepumpe

The only one who didn’t let anything bother him was the kitchen guy, Kai.  He just kept putting the kitchen together and it sure was fun to watch.

ganz_genau kontrolle insel induktion

It was not just fun to watch but also impressive, Martin would have taken 2 weeks to finish what he managed in just 2 days.  We love our new kitchen.

spuelstein insel_fertig steckdose kueche_gesamt

Oh and of course our youngest cook had to get cooking on the new duck pots at our new stove.  Now if we just had electricity it would be complete.


Hausanschlüsse&Heizung&Küche23 Mar 2009 09:21 pm

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Today was finally the day.  While the kitchen pieces were being caried into the house, the men began making room for electricity and water to flow into the house.

kueche_wird_geliefert heizung_gleich_defekt

It all started out so well and then the problems happened.  Kai, the kitchen guy, couldn’t continue puting in the kitchen because the hole for the kitchen fan hadn’t been drilled and according to the workers should have been done before the outside of the house was finished.  Why do they always say that??  Now, that should have been done long ago!  In the end the boys took chisles and made the hole manually which worked out well.  Of course, this forced Kai to first put things on in the completely wrong order but there wasn’t much he could do until the boys were done making a mess in the kitchen.  By the end of the day all of the doors had handles and a few things were prepped for tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the digger boys were working according to plan which meant they should dig right where our collectors are along the side of the house.  As you can imagine they broke a collector and the heating people rushed out to fix the problem.  The heater would be out for the next 2 days but Kimberly was just hoping everything would be in working order soon enough and then stay that way.  After that fiasko they did manage to dig a way for the water pipes and the sewer pipes on the opposite side out of the house.

abluft abluft_abwasser abwasser

The digger and drilling boys wanted to drill a few more holes in the house so we could have water, electricity, telephone and sewer so they headed to the basement to do it.  Kimberly was in the house today just to watch the kitchen being installed and to answer any questions that may arise but soon was asked where to drill the holes for the utilities.  Decisions were made and 4 holes were drilled.  We’ll see if it all works out.


Kimberly stayed safely in the kitchen where Kai stayed calm and collected and slowly put things in a better perspective.  He was great!!!

kueche_im_wohnzimmer waschbecken kuecheneck

Heizung03 Jan 2009 09:25 pm

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We’ve been opening up the house for 2 weeks now and the humidity has gone down from over 90% to 75%. It’s not a sauna anymore in there, it’s more like a green house at the Botanical Gardens.

Martin and Alexander went out to the house at least twice daily within these last 2 weeks. Every time the windows were opened within minutes the temperature and the humidity dropped to half of what they were originally. While Martin opened the doors and windows on all 3 floors Alexander climbed the scaffolding to keep an eye on things.
Schlafzimmerfenster Aussicht vom Kinderzimmer

Some days the windows and ceilings were almost dry and then on other days there was so much condense water that the boys took towels to dry them off and to try to get as much moisture out as possible. This is what it looks like when we don’t have anything to do and Martin can take pictures of the inside walls as they dry.
Wohnzimmerdecke Innenputz im Schlafzimmer

Heizung&Innenausbau22 Dec 2008 02:18 pm

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Do you remember what the heating pipes looked like 2 ½ weeks ago? Now that the floors have been poured and the heat has been turned on you can almost see where those pipes are drying the floor.  Yeah, we have heat in our house!!!


On Friday and Saturday the heating boys were in the house installing the hot water heater and pump.

Wärmepumpe und Wasserspeicher Alexander mit WP

Slowly the floors are drying and giving off lots and lots of moisture into the air.  Alexander and Martin have been out at the house every day since then to open the windows and doors in order to help dry out the floors.  The boys will be going to the house twice daily to open windows this entire Christmas vacation.  Hopefully it will all be worth it and the windows, walls and ceilings won’t be so wet and we can sit in a warm, dry house in the very near future.
Gäste WC WC2 Schlafzimmerfenster Kinderzimmerfenster

Heizung&Innenausbau03 Dec 2008 09:31 pm

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Do you see how clean our house looked at 8:30 this morning?  The floor was also really soft and felt like walking on a mattress.  Nine hours later the rooms looked completely different.

It took the 4 heater boys a scant 3 1/2 hours to lay the radiant coils in all three floors.

Heizung&Innenausbau02 Dec 2008 11:50 am

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Here is a quick shot of the insulation under the floor heating in the basement. The other floors will soon look like this too….

Update 2:00 pm: We’ve just been told by our builder that the insulation has been put in all three floors and that that the floor heating coils and the floor fill will come next.  Maybe we should drive out yet another time to get one last look at the floors before they are covered in concrete.  Oh and one more thing, TÜV (Association for Technical Inspection) came and inspected the house thus far and gave us the OK!  That’s sure good to hear.

Elektro&Heizung&Innenausbau&Sanitär18 Nov 2008 07:52 am

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Here is the kitchen: We have dry wall, water for the guest bathroom as seen from the kitchenand the first cables that have been placed.

Küche Wasseranschluß Küche Küche mit Rohren Küche verkabelt Küche mit Wasser

The control panel for the heating system on the first floor in the kitchen and the view from the hallway.

Heizkreisverteiler Heizkreisverteiler Rückseite

In the bathroom on the second floor we have connections for the bathroom sinks as seen from the hallway and inside the bathroom we have the connections for the toilet and bathtub.

Rückseite Waschbecken Badezimmer

 Here are the electrical outlets, light switches, room thermostat on the ‘piano wall’ and the master bedroom with a cable on the ground for the dining room ceiling light:

Klavierwand Schlafzimmerverkabelung

Our electrician installing our mulitmedia cabeling:

Multimedia 1 Multimedia 2 Multimedia 3 Multimedia 4

Grundstück&Heizung09 Sep 2008 08:01 pm

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Do you know what this green thing is?? – Click to enlarge…


Ok, so you’ve read the title and know that we are now the proud owners of a geothermal heating system.  Well, almost.  Yesterday and today the kids and I drove out to the lot to check the progress and see how the earth loops (thanks, Wikipedia) were being installed.  Here are some of the pictures of what they looked like before a meter of sand blanketed them for a very long rest all snugly warm.




Today, do we have spiders in the ground??


This will be our future driveway and to the right of the ground loops we have a good 2.5 meters free along the length of the lot to put in a dry well and the such.


Continue on, boys!