Innenausbau&Sanitär03 Apr 2009 09:58 pm

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We now have a backflow trap, sinks, showers and an outside faucet.

 rueckstauklappe doppelwaschtisch duschpanel regendusche

Innenausbau&Sanitär02 Apr 2009 07:28 pm

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Yep, you guessed it, we have 2 toilets as of today and we are thrilled!

toiletdown toiletup

Alas, we still don’t have water, although a few of the necesarry items have been installed in preporation for water which we plan to have tomorrow.

tub drain undersink

Look what we’ve been reduced to, we’re excited about toilets. 😉

Fußboden&Innenausbau&Malerarbeiten&Sanitär14 Feb 2009 12:02 am

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Not much has changed except that the window recesses, the bathroom and a few other walls have a coat of white paint on them.
Well, almost not much. Remember how the bathroom was so nicely tiled except for the floor and part of the shower? Well, there was a bit of a communication problem when the floors where poured which resulted in the the shower floor being poured flat when it was supposed to have a slight incline to let the water run into the drain along the wall. Thanks to our builder, things were put right and after meeting all workers involved the cement floor people came to hammer out the cement in both bathrooms and pour new floors. This time it has a bit more of a slope to it and it will be dry and ready to tile in 48 hours.

We’ve also been dealing with the Pergo problem, which was originally the Pergo decision. This has turned into a major time eater because we just can’t decide what we like. Here are the eight samples we’ve managed to collect over the past few months that have become possiblities.

Plum, walnut, birch, Jatoba Brasil, oak, Mansonian walnut, cherry and another walnut. After discusing it with everyone who came in the house, not one worker was left unscathed, and looking at them all in every light possible we decided to that Jatoba Brasil was the best for us. So off we went to buy enough to cover 3 bedrooms and the hall but when we got there we saw Wildbirne and decided it was even prettier so that’s what we bought. Isn’t that about right?? Curious to see what she looks like? For now, here she is in her natural surroundings. 😉

Elektro&Innenausbau&Malerarbeiten&Sanitär10 Feb 2009 10:07 am

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Martin und Alexander were told by a neighbor on the way to the school bus this morning that there was a pipe that had a leak in the apartment underneath us.  We had to let the plumber in so Martin stayed home to do just that.  Here are a few quick updates to let you all know how we’ve been and what we’ve been up to and then hopefully it will not take too long to get to the house to paint the ceilings one more time.
UPDATE: The leak was repaired. They found the problem at the neighbors’ above us. Water had run down from their leak between the insulation and our pipes through to the people underneath us. There weren’t any wet feet in our apartment but the one day Kimberly took the car to work this month, it rained cats and dogs just as Martin was walking the 15 minutes from the S-Bahn to the house which meant he was soaking wet when he arrived.
The outside and plastered walls are now primed, all the ceilings on the ground floor have 2 coats of paint (the pictures from this morning show only one coat), the bathtub has been connected and the electrician has drilled and pulled the wiring out from behind the dry walls.

Elektro&Heizung&Innenausbau&Sanitär18 Nov 2008 07:52 am

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Here is the kitchen: We have dry wall, water for the guest bathroom as seen from the kitchenand the first cables that have been placed.

Küche Wasseranschluß Küche Küche mit Rohren Küche verkabelt Küche mit Wasser

The control panel for the heating system on the first floor in the kitchen and the view from the hallway.

Heizkreisverteiler Heizkreisverteiler Rückseite

In the bathroom on the second floor we have connections for the bathroom sinks as seen from the hallway and inside the bathroom we have the connections for the toilet and bathtub.

Rückseite Waschbecken Badezimmer

 Here are the electrical outlets, light switches, room thermostat on the ‘piano wall’ and the master bedroom with a cable on the ground for the dining room ceiling light:

Klavierwand Schlafzimmerverkabelung

Our electrician installing our mulitmedia cabeling:

Multimedia 1 Multimedia 2 Multimedia 3 Multimedia 4