Elektro&Innenausbau21 Jun 2009 09:31 pm

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Finally Martin was able to start the wiring for the multimedia in the house.  First he took off the frame and the plastic coating around the wire…

homeway1 homeway2

…then he put all the cables in the right postion…

homeway3 homeway4

…the wall jack is screwed on and the modules are set in…

homeway5 homeway6



Of course the other side of the wires has to be done too.  Martin hung our second electic box on the wall a few days ago but he hadn’t dared to start puting the cables in the right oder.


The mess of cables was put in order and the first Das Kabelwirrwarr wurde geordnet, die erste din rail is screwed on…


… then they were put in the correct IDC terminal.  At least I think that’s what it’s all called.  I don’t know how to translate all the words into English so let’s just say that he has started to get our cables in order so we can plug in the phone, TV and internet through the house.

zentrale3 zentrale4

Just a few more to go and then we are done!!!

allgemein&Elektro&Innenausbau01 Jun 2009 09:41 pm

Vor lauter Aufregung im Keller haben wir unsere neuen Lampen ganz vergessen. Gestern konnten wir Lampen im Windfang, Küche und neben der Eingangstür anschließen.

Windfang Küchenlampe Eingang1 Eingang2

Elektro&Innenausbau&Küche26 Mar 2009 11:23 pm

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Notice anything?


How about now?


Yep, you’re seeing things correctly, today as Kimberly arrived at the house the electrician was standing in the kitchen checking the switches and  plugs.  He had hooked up our electricity and now we have light in the house.  Well, that is we will have light in the house as soon as we get some light bulbs to hang in the rooms.  We chose light sensors in the mudroom and the hallways so you never have to flip the switch when you come in.

switch switch2

We also have our very own door bell that really goes ding dong.

doorbell2 doorbell

Water should be in our house soon but until then it was nice to see there was also a water meter hooked up and ready to go.  Now to wait for the waste pipes to be connected.


Elektro&Fußboden&Innenausbau&Malerarbeiten23 Feb 2009 10:57 pm

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Kimberly went back to work today while Martin and Wolfram started on the Pergo.  First they had to get everything ready, they had to scrape the cement clumps from the floor, sweep the fine shavings from the drywaller, lay and tape together the polyethylene, put the Pergo cutter together and then they could finally get to work.  Right after school Kimberly and the kids came to see what they had accomplished…I mean to finish painting the last two rooms.

The electricians were back at work again and finished cabling the fuse box.  They also installed all the outlets and light switches. 

laminatschneider erste_reihe vierte_reihe besuch feinarbeit alexander_fertig

guestroom mudroom1 verteilerkasten kabelkanal_keller temp_regler

Elektro&Fliesen&Malerarbeiten20 Feb 2009 11:13 pm

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When we got to the house this morning the electricians were already working.  They were busy all morning installing our new fuse box.  After seeing the size of it, I couldn’t help but wonder if we were in charge of the neighbors’ fuses as well.  😉


We decided to start with a second coat of white paint when someone knocked at the door to tell us that they were delivering our tiles for the basement. The truck was too big to fit down the driveway and there was so much snow that hadn’t been shovelled on the driveway that they couldn’t drive the small fork lift, so they were dropped off on the street. We decided the best way to get them into the house without too much pain would be to load them in parts and drive them down in our car.  It worked well and after we had brought 42 packs of them into the house we got back to work with white paint.


About 2 hours later we heard another knock at the door, the truck with the Pergo for the entire second floor had arrived.  This time we quickly grabbed a neighbor’s shovel and managed to clear a small strip for the fork lift to drive down.

laminat3 laminat1 laminat2

After a well-deserved break we were finally, after 3 weeks of only unsing white, able to dip into the first can of colored paint.  We finished painting Alida’s room pink and purple, just as she wanted it. Thanks to her help, of course.

erste_lila alida_hilft1 details pink_purple erste_zimmer_bunt pinknpurple

Elektro&Fliesen&Innenausbau11 Feb 2009 09:28 pm

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The bathtub is now tiled and the electrician worked on the outlets and light switches while Martin finished a second coat of white paint on two of the basement rooms.  He then called it a day rather early because we came and picked him up to head over to OBI to pick out colors for the walls on the ground floor and the second floor.  We also went to Praktiker to try and find some Pergo we like for the second floor, but although we had lots of luck with the colors, we didn’t have any luck with the Pergo.  We just can’t seem to find anything we like.

Elektro&Innenausbau&Malerarbeiten&Sanitär10 Feb 2009 10:07 am

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Martin und Alexander were told by a neighbor on the way to the school bus this morning that there was a pipe that had a leak in the apartment underneath us.  We had to let the plumber in so Martin stayed home to do just that.  Here are a few quick updates to let you all know how we’ve been and what we’ve been up to and then hopefully it will not take too long to get to the house to paint the ceilings one more time.
UPDATE: The leak was repaired. They found the problem at the neighbors’ above us. Water had run down from their leak between the insulation and our pipes through to the people underneath us. There weren’t any wet feet in our apartment but the one day Kimberly took the car to work this month, it rained cats and dogs just as Martin was walking the 15 minutes from the S-Bahn to the house which meant he was soaking wet when he arrived.
The outside and plastered walls are now primed, all the ceilings on the ground floor have 2 coats of paint (the pictures from this morning show only one coat), the bathtub has been connected and the electrician has drilled and pulled the wiring out from behind the dry walls.

Elektro&Fußboden&Innenausbau08 Dec 2008 12:42 pm

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Yesterday (Sunday) the tile guy called to see if we could meet this morning to discuss the details concerning tiles and where we want what.  At 7:30 I arrived at the house that finally has a floor!  There aren’t any more cables to be seen.

Kimberly woke up last Friday at 6:00 am with the horrible thought that she hadn’t seen the cable coming out of the floor for electricity in the kitchen island.  At 7:30 Martin called the electrician who immediately sent someone to the house to put in the cable before the floors were poured.  Thank goodness it all work out fine!

We aren’t quite sure what the story on this next picture is and we need to talk to our builder about it. Were the boards too long? Why is the floor not poured all the way to the edge?

Elektro&Heizung&Innenausbau&Sanitär18 Nov 2008 07:52 am

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Here is the kitchen: We have dry wall, water for the guest bathroom as seen from the kitchenand the first cables that have been placed.

Küche Wasseranschluß Küche Küche mit Rohren Küche verkabelt Küche mit Wasser

The control panel for the heating system on the first floor in the kitchen and the view from the hallway.

Heizkreisverteiler Heizkreisverteiler Rückseite

In the bathroom on the second floor we have connections for the bathroom sinks as seen from the hallway and inside the bathroom we have the connections for the toilet and bathtub.

Rückseite Waschbecken Badezimmer

 Here are the electrical outlets, light switches, room thermostat on the ‘piano wall’ and the master bedroom with a cable on the ground for the dining room ceiling light:

Klavierwand Schlafzimmerverkabelung

Our electrician installing our mulitmedia cabeling:

Multimedia 1 Multimedia 2 Multimedia 3 Multimedia 4