Innenausbau&Putz28 Nov 2008 08:08 pm

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Look, the plaster boys mixed plaster for the walls in our kitchen!  What a mess!

cement in the kitchen

Luckily for them, they did a super job on the walls and the ceilings.


We want to move in soon, the afternoon light is just soo inviting in the dining room.


Fenster&Putz17 Nov 2008 09:31 pm

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Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to keep up with the blog as much as we would have liked the past couple of weeks, it’s been a very busy time, not to mention my computer decided it wanted to go on strike.  Everything is back in order now thanks to Martin, so here are just a few of the pictures we’ve taken.

November 6, 2008:  We had to move the first concrete plate protecting the driveway so our front neighbor could put a fence post in.  Crowbars and muscle power work wonders!


The house painter, or do I call him the plasterer??, has begun preparing the house for some color.  If all goes well, we should be able to show you finished pictures next week.  We won’t say what color we chose but one hint, it’s not orange.  The outside granite window ledges are all in place too.  I love the details.

Außenputz EingangstürFensterbank

1/3 of the grit for the floors was delivered.

Kies für Estrich

Tomorrow we’ll show you some more of the inside with the bathrooms and all of the scary cable salad going through the house.