Innenausbau&Malerarbeiten&Trockenbau18 Feb 2009 11:03 pm

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The dry wall guys were back one last time.  They’ve put in our attic door so we can now go up and see what’s up there and they finished filling in the joints between the separate pieces of dry wall.  They also went around and made sure all the dry wall was sanded well enough and fixed small imperfections.

Martin and Alida spent the day, or at least a good 5 hours of it, filling in the remaining joints.

The walls on the ground floor are still all white and thanks to Kimberly’s hard work today the bathrooms and kitchen have a last coat of paint which deems them done. (That faint orange you see on the back wall in the kitchen is the orange from the neighbors’ house reflecting on the white, we hope to do something fun with this wall so it doesn’t look so orange in the future, you’ll see.)

Another thanks goes to Kimberly’s balancing act in the stairwell, now the walls are all primed and we don’t have to touch another can of that sticky stuff!  While we were busy painting Alida drew pictures and Alexander grabbed the camera.  What do you think of Alida’s apples, blueberries, hamburgers and cherries?

Innenausbau&Malerarbeiten&Trockenbau18 Feb 2009 07:14 am

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Today was a busy day although there is not much to see.  The dry wall guy was there sanding down the walls upstairs when we finally reached the house at 9, the roads were horribly icy which made driving no fun.

While we were waiting for him to finish we spackled some of the holes left by the workers that have come and gone and we also tape up the stairs so now the stairwell is ready for paint.  As soon as the dry wall guy was done we scrambled upstairs to prime all the dry walls.  It worked out well because as soon as we were done upstairs he was done downstairs and we were able to prime all those dry walls too.  Tomorrow they get their first coat of white paint.

Innenausbau&Trockenbau26 Nov 2008 07:56 pm

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Do you know what this is?


Now you see it…


…now you don’t.

laundry chute gone

Hey, you’re right, that was a quick shot of our laundry chute and our central vacuum cleaner.

chute in progress vacuum pipe

Oh and guess what, the dry wall boys have been at it again and look at what they’ve done!

sky light sky light

dry wall dry wall

dry wall