Fliesen&Innenausbau02 Apr 2009 03:45 am

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Martin spent 2 days in the basement finishing the last of the tiles.  Now to just finish them with silicone but that can wait for now.


Fliesen22 Mar 2009 09:43 pm

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Just a short note, Wofi was back in the city to spend yet another weekend in the basement.  All the tiles are down including the the tile baseboards and we’re now ready to grout. 

sockelleiste2 sockelleiste

Fliesen&Innenausbau15 Mar 2009 10:08 pm

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Today was yet another day of tiles and, as you can imagine, we are slowly but surely getting sick of tiling and having morter under our nails.  Kimberly spent the day making the blisters on her hands bigger by scraping the dried morter from the joints and cleaning the tiles so they would be ready for grout sometime this week.

stairstiles laundry

Martin is getting faster and faster and his tiles are looking better and better.  He finished more than half of the big room today and we’re getting excited to think there actually is a light at the end of this tile tunnel.

edge2 edgeend bigroom

The kids are always with us in the house when we’re working and they usually play either in their rooms with the toys that I’ve already packed and brought over, or they play outside with Alida’s scooter or on the scaffolding which Alida calls her jungle gym.  Today, however, they decided to sit with us and discover a better use for left-over cut tiles and cayons.

drawing tiledrawing

Who needs toys or paper when you have left-over tile?


Fliesen&Innenausbau14 Mar 2009 09:54 pm

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A Saturday’ s work that is.  Martin’s back was a bit better, so today we continued work on the house.  Kimberly finished the laundry room tiles and the last few under the stairs.

laundryroom1 tilesstairs

Martin finished a large part of the great room tiles.

tilesbigroom cutie

Oh, and a neighbor from across the street came over to see the house and to chat, which is Kimberly’s favorite distraction from tiling, and look what he brought us!  This mailbox which is the one they used when they first moved in 7 years ago before they spent tons of money for a reallly nice one.


Aren’t the neighbors wonderful?

Fliesen&Fußboden&Innenausbau08 Mar 2009 10:00 pm

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Today was yet another day of wet, sticky tile work with few new pictures to show, so instead I thought I would show you the crew of workers we have bustling away in the house at the moment.  You see, up until now it’s worked out fairly well to get at least one picture of every worker who comes through our door, with the exception of the door man but he’s coming back so there’s still hope. Unfortunately, we haven’t shown you the rest of our expert crew so here they are:

Here we have the expert cross spacer puller outer in action.


Here we have another expert tile layer, or soon-to-be expert with all these tiles to practice on.


Let’s not forget yet another budding tiling expert, the girl.


And, of course, here is the happy couple doing what they do best, tiling.


Oh and not to forget the expert tile cutter and all time best tile assistant at work in his natural environment, cutting tiles at the tile cutting machine.


Fliesen&Fußboden&Innenausbau08 Mar 2009 08:50 am

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Saturday was the day of the tile.  Martin worked all day to finish the small room.

smallroom2 smallroom1

Kimberly came at 4:00, after grocery shopping for the week and bringing the kids to their Jiu-Jitsu class, to work on the laundry room floor.  Herr Ackermann, is she hired?


Martin and Opa also stayed until late to finish a bit more of the tiles under the stairs.

stairs2 stairs1

Sunday should be no different.  Sleep, what’s that when there are tiles to be laid?

Fliesen&Innenausbau&Türen04 Mar 2009 11:45 pm

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Martin couldn’t stand to hear the comment, “At the rate your tiling the basement it will take forever to get done.”  so he decided to leave work early today and head to the house to lay some more tiles.  He finished almost half of one of the basement rooms in 4 hours.  Determination is everything!

schwamm wasserwage

Oh and the doors were installed today!  We love them!

windfang tuer_alexander tueren_oben

Why are there problems when we’re so close to being done? All the doors in the house are white, which is exactly what we wanted, except for the basement.  That’s where we were shocked to find wooden doors had been installed and those are exactly what we had said from the very beginning are what we don’t want.


Fliesen&Fußboden&Innenausbau28 Feb 2009 10:53 pm

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Martin’s month of vacation is over but there’s still plenty of work to be done, so he was off to the house this morning to continue working.  The basement is only a small portion tiled but at least those in the thresholds are down so the doors can be installed this week.

Just before he started work on the tiles though, he finished the last stretch of the wood floors at the top of the stairs so that this part of the house is as finished as it will be before we move in. 

flooralex hallway floor tiles tilecutter1 tilecutter2

Fliesen&Innenausbau27 Feb 2009 10:02 pm

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After running a few personal errands and then to OBI to rent a really good tile cutting machine, Martin and Wofli started work in the basement in the early afternoon.

When they arrived at the house the vacuum had been mounted and is now all set to be used once we get our electricity hooked up.  Thanks, Systemair!!

vacuum kitchenvacuum

The men really didn’t need to use Wolfi’s 90° angle laser toy because, as you can see, the tiles that they had put down the day before were perfect.


Fliesen&Innenausbau26 Feb 2009 10:37 pm

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Laying tiles is really not that hard, once you get started.  Martin and Wolfi had the entire basement to tile so they started in the middle of the hallway and are going to continue from there working their way into each room.  This way the tiles stop right at the doors.  After lots of calculating and thinking about the best way to start, the first few tiles were placed.  Only after our professional tile guy came down to inspect the work and gave the thumbs up, was the whole row finished.

alidasroom tobasement profitiler tilestreet showerfloor bathroom

And here are the two best tile boys in the world!!!  They do an amazingly good job!

tileguy2 tileguy

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