Außenputz&Innenausbau&Türen16 Mar 2009 09:00 pm

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That’s what Kimberly thought of as she walked towards the house.  We had seen a sample of the color and thought it would be more of an oatmeal, but looking at the color in all its on-the-wall glory it looked much more like vanilla than oatmeal.  What do you think?  Yep, Kimberly went kind of picture happy.

house2 house1 ausenputz5 ausenputz4

Of course she also has to show you the three men who worked on our house today.

ausenputz3 ausenputz2 ausenputz1

Oh here is what Kimberly saw when she went down the stairs today.

whitedoors doors

Much better!!!!  Now to get that grout she bought today between those tiles.

Außenputz10 Mar 2009 09:16 pm

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Kimberly and Martin decided to take a bit of a break from working on the house the last 2 days to do other things such as work, the kids and even housework, not to mention that Martin is sick of tiling.  Although Kimberly didn’t want to work inside the house today, she still drove out after school to see the progress on the outside of the house and to get a few packed boxes out of the tiny apartment and into the kids’ rooms.  When she got there she was pleasantly surprised by the progress that was made on the window and door borders.  The side of the house was also ruined by rain so it had to be redone.

window frontdoor

back side