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The day we’ve been waiting so long for has finally arrived.  At 8 am sharp the moving truck drove up although Kimberly had a few worries that they wouldn’t.  You see, Gates-Truck  had been having a week of bad luck and problems so they hadn’t been able to put up no parking signs in front of the building nor did they manage to deliver extra boxes when we needed them but that didn’t stop them from showing up on time ready to move our things to the new house.  What a great bunch of guys, thanks Gates-Truck!

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After just 3 hours they filled the rented moving truck with our things and we headed to Teltow.  The movers took a few coffee breaks but worked hard to get everything in its place.  After all was said and done it was 9:30 pm and they were finally on their way home which meant we were able to put our bed together for our first night in the new house. 

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Just a year ago we were so excited to get a porta potty delivered to the lot because it meant they were going to start building.  On moving day we were just as excited to see them take the same porta potty away because it meant the building was finally over.  😀


Oh and the cats were also a bit confused on moving day.  We’ve never seen them snuggle so close together, at least not without a hiss or two.  I think they were quite happy to have each other during so much chaos.