allgemein&Dach17 Jul 2009 06:23 pm

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Let there be….. TV!!!  Yep, now even we can watch TV thanks to our new red satellite dish that was installed on the roof.  We could theoretically watch TV in 8 rooms we just need 7 more TVs to do it.  Let’s just hope the trees from next door don’t grow too much in the next few years to block our reception.

satelite dish satelite dish satelite dish satelite dish

allgemein&Innenausbau18 Jun 2009 02:25 pm

So langsam wird’s auch mit der Multimediaverkabelung. Herr Sch. von der Firma homeway hat uns heute die bestellten Materialien persönlich vorbei gebracht und Martin gleich an einer Dose gezeigt, wie er alles ordnungsgemäß verkabeln kann.

Dann werden wir heute abend mal ein paar Strippen ziehen.

Nur mit der SAT-Anlage sind wir noch nicht weiter. Wolfram war von Dienstag bis Mittwoch bei uns und statt mit den Kindern zu spielen haben wir uns mit LNBs, F-Steckern, Receivern und einem vermeintlich zu schwachen Signal beschäftigt. Also schauen wir weiterhin über DVB-T.

allgemein17 Jun 2009 09:10 pm

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Our 4th, and hopefully last, site manager was at our house on Monday afternoon for 7 hours going over all of the problems we’ve run into since beginning this building adventure.  As he left the words “Everything will be ok,” made us feel so much better!

Today we got our first copy of the emails he wrote in our name to get the companies that have worked on our house to do their job.  Now we just have to wait to hear how the companies react.

Now we really feel like we are in good hands and yes, everything will be ok.

allgemein&Elektro&Innenausbau01 Jun 2009 09:41 pm

Vor lauter Aufregung im Keller haben wir unsere neuen Lampen ganz vergessen. Gestern konnten wir Lampen im Windfang, Küche und neben der Eingangstür anschließen.

Windfang Küchenlampe Eingang1 Eingang2

allgemein&Garten&Heizung31 May 2009 05:16 pm

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The torrential rain on Sunday made our house stand in a lake within minutes. Fortunately, Martin was in the basement and saw the porthole in time to avoid the worst.


Without the help of our neighbors, who pumped out the water from the Lichtschacht and dug trenches to keep the water away from the house it could have been much worse.

Wassergraben1 Wassergraben2 Hausansicht

Der unterspülte Lichtschacht wurde mit Kies aufgefüllt.


allgemein12 Apr 2009 01:10 pm

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Wolfram und Lukas surprise attacked us on Saturday to help out with the house.  We now have a few lamps in place and the old kitchen is securely mounted on the wall in the basement. 

In the middle of all the unpacking we were even able to dye some Easter eggs. 

ostern06 ostern02

Although our yard is pretty much still a construction site, the kids were able to find a few things the Easter bunny left for them. 

ostern03 ostern10 ostern09 ostern08 ostern04 ostern11 ostern01 ostern07 

allgemein&Haus08 Apr 2009 10:43 am

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Kimberly und Alida cut off the protective fleece covering from the stairs so we could finally see the stairs and Alexander enjoyed the morning view with Zindy from the back door.

treppeohnefilz freunde

allgemein30 Mar 2009 07:58 pm

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Let the packing begin!!


allgemein&Innenausbau&Malerarbeiten21 Feb 2009 10:18 pm

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We really wanted to spend some well-deserved time with the kids this weekend and not do any work in the house but we didn’t manage to get as much painting done as planned during the week, so Saturday we were back at work.  Opa Wolfi came on Friday to help out which made us so very uninteresting to the kids anyway.

At 10 am we had made plans to meet the Kern-Haus team to show our house to 10 families that will be possibly building houses with our company too.  It was a fun morning and our first ‘party’ in the new house.  We love our house and we really enjoyed showing it off.  This was also the perfect chance to get some things worked out such as a new handle for our front door.  Yeah!!!


After everyone had left at about  2 pm we grabbed our paint rollers again and got back to work.  Martin had a ceiling and the upstairs bathroom to paint white while Kimberly touched up the joints in all the rooms on the first floor.  After that the white paint was closed for good and it was time for more color!!  We started in Alexander’s room with one wall in blueberry, just as he requested.  The other 3 walls will be done tomorrow.

blau blaubeer

We then went to our bedroom where one wall was painted in dark nutmeg and the other three in nutmeg two shades lighter.  Martin was worried that we might have to paint the dark wall another coat, but we’ll have to see tomorrow in the daylight.

muskat muskat1 muskat2

allgemein05 Jan 2009 10:15 pm

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Comparison of Polish to German workers (only in German)

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