allgemein&Grundstück17 Dec 2008 01:51 pm

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  …and because we can’t show you any progress pictures, here is another picture of our lot from the air, this time from the other direction.

allgemein&Grundstück12 Dec 2008 12:32 pm

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For all of you who don’t know where we are building…
Garten&Grundstück&Haus16 Sep 2008 09:41 pm

Eigentlich hätte ich mehr erwartet nach dem gestrigen Telefonat mit unserem Bauleiter. Zumindest etwas Stahl und die Steine für die Erdgeschoßwände hätten geliefert werden sollen.
…und wieso steht die Toilette noch immer im Esszimmer?

Egal, unseren Garten einmal so aufgeräumt zu sehen, war den Fahrradausflug nach Teltow wert.


Morgen werden ich trotzdem erst unsere Nachbarn anrufen, bevor ich mich für 2mal 17km aufs Fahrrad setze.

Grundstück&Heizung09 Sep 2008 08:01 pm

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Do you know what this green thing is?? – Click to enlarge…


Ok, so you’ve read the title and know that we are now the proud owners of a geothermal heating system.  Well, almost.  Yesterday and today the kids and I drove out to the lot to check the progress and see how the earth loops (thanks, Wikipedia) were being installed.  Here are some of the pictures of what they looked like before a meter of sand blanketed them for a very long rest all snugly warm.




Today, do we have spiders in the ground??


This will be our future driveway and to the right of the ground loops we have a good 2.5 meters free along the length of the lot to put in a dry well and the such.


Continue on, boys!

Grundstück24 Mar 2008 05:45 pm

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We have had a bit of progress on the house, well at least on the lot. We’re still waiting for some paperwork to go through and the building permit to be issued, but until then we can check the ground and the water level. Here they are drilling for ground samples to bake dirt cakes with. Well, that’s what they said they were going to do but I think they then go to the lab for testing.

drilling the ground

We also had to check the ground for cables and utility lines using two dowsing rods.

checking for cables

It worked!

checking the ground for cables

Grundstück&Kinder23 Feb 2008 10:56 pm

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Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve been here to chat at you, but we’ve been busy beyond busy.

We’ve been doing crazy things such as checking the ground for valuables.

checking for goods

We’ve been digging a hole, or two, for our new basement.


Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you, we signed our life away tons of important papers which makes us the proud new owners of this wonderful little piece of land:

our little piece of land

We don’t know when all the papers will be in order or when we’ll have our building permit, but as soon as we do, we’re building our new house right here on this spot.

deb socks

Grundstück15 Feb 2008 08:48 pm

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English translation is still missing