August 2008

Keller31 Aug 2008 05:08 pm

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So, not much has happened on the lot since our last showing.  In fact, here are the latest pictures of the basement patiently waiting to be padded with sand.


Oh wait, yes we actually did do something ourselves.  Last week Kimberly went out to the building store and bought some plastic piping with holes along with some metal clamps and made these:


Just another defense against water filling up the window wells in the basement.

Hey, look there is an elephant stuck on our lot!  Someone help him out!


Keller13 Aug 2008 05:59 pm

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On Tuesday we decided to head out one more time to visit the basement. When we arrived they were pouring the cement in the walls and on the ceiling/floor.

filling in the walls

They covered the windows with window wells and that’s when we all noticed how low it was.

basement windows

I had them measure again and there was a 6 cm difference so the builders put on adapters to move the windows cases up 8 cms. On Wednesday we came to find them up higher and the tar spread. That’s better!



This tar is going to make it a really good waterproof bunker.

black hole

The kids played a bit in the big room,

in the big rom

played in the kitchen,

in the kitchen

and they even helped out a bit with the neighbor’s driveway.


Keller11 Aug 2008 11:24 pm

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It may look rather easy to build a basement, but in reality it takes a lot of work on the house owner’s part to build a good basement. You need interesting neighbors with whom you can drink coffee, discuss the building process and to grill.

But why drink coffee and talk to just one neighbor


when you can have a bunch come and join in on the fun?


You need your kids that not only play in the backyard,


you need them to keep an eye on things.

keeping watch

Last but not least, you need some good support to hold the whole thing up until the workers can come back again the next day to pour the cement in the sides and the ceiling.

holding it all up

Keller11 Aug 2008 06:43 pm

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8:38 a.m. – prepping the basement floor

9:25 a.m. – flying walls?
flying walls?

9:50 a.m. – 1st window
first window

10:28 a.m. – 2nd window
2nd window

10:52 a.m. – 3rd window
more windows

11:19 a.m. – three walls
3 sides

11:40 a.m. – almost done!
almost done!

11:45 a.m. – last piece of the wall
last wall piece

1:01 p.m. – three inner walls taken from our neighbor’s roof
inner walls

up high

1:35 p.m. – ceiling halfway done
ceiling halfway done

2:07 p.m. – ceiling done
ceiling done

Done for the day!!
done for the day

Keller10 Aug 2008 07:12 pm

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All you need is a freshly poured concrete basement floor that needs to be kept moist so as not to dry out too quickly. Then water daily being careful not to miss the little people who may be walking around on it.

watering the basement

Then mix well by playing in the puddles.

walking in the water

Haus&Keller08 Aug 2008 09:41 pm

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Do you remember this?

position of the house

Well, if you tried to stand there now you might fall into this:


That’s our new basement floor. Almost. First they dug out the hole and put down rock to keep water from reaching the house.

under the basement

Then they made a supporting wall for the crane that will be bringing in the side pieces (it’s that rusty metal thing behind these two cuties):

having fun

You can see they laid the concrete reinforcing mats in that picture too. Then the cement pump truck came which was a bit too big for our driveway but with lots of nerves and many, many turns of the wheel he made it in:

tight fit

The truck had a huge arm that went down to the basement.

tight fit

Behind the truck were the cement trucks to load it up. It took 3 truck loads of cement to fill in the basement:

puring cement

After the cement was poured, they made sure it was nice and smooth:


Of course, no basement is finished without our initials written in my soon-to-be sewing corner:

writing in cement

We now have to spend the weekend watering this pretty boy so it doesn’t dry out too fast. Of course the kids love going to the lot now, this is our back yard:

sand box

Next week the sides are coming so hopefully the basement will be done soon.

Haus05 Aug 2008 07:15 pm

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So we’ve now hit the middle of the summer, our building permit has arrived, the neighbors have all agreed to let us use bits of their lots so the building can begin.


One last look at the lot with the pink, wooden steaks showing the position of the house:

position of the house

Another last look at the driveway before damage control came to protect her:


After a day’s work:

sand and then concrete

the driveway is protected from those big bad trucks coming tomorrow:

driveway is well protected, I hope

I wasn’t the only one documenting:


The last thing done today was to bring in the steel beams to reinforce the hole for the basement:


Friday is the day the basement floor should be in.  I’ll see you then!  Thank goodness for long vacations and plenty of time to visit the lot.