September 2008

Haus&Rohbau24 Sep 2008 07:59 pm

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I had a few minutes between classes today so I quickly drove out to the lot to try and catch the workers pouring the second floor.  The only thing I found when I got there was a drippy wet house and no one to be found.  They poured the second floor/ceiling and now our basement is starting to look more and more like a house.  Here is the kitchen on the right and the guest bathroom on the left. This hole will be the stairs.
kitchen and bathroom

Just before I headed back to work I climbed the scaffolding to take pictures from above. A picture taken from Alexander’s room to Alida’s room with the bathroom in the far left corner.  I even wrote our names in the wet cement.  How could I not??

upstairs names

Haus&Rohbau22 Sep 2008 07:22 pm

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Yep, as of today we have scaffolding all around the house. I hope they put the roof on soon so the rain doesn’t keep collecting in the basement.


Darn bugs kept getting in all my pictures!!

bugscute bugs

Haus&Rohbau18 Sep 2008 10:05 pm

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We arrived a bit too late to catch the cement truck and missed how they filled the walls but we were able to walk through the house and imagine how it will be in just a few months.  Right after our walk we played monster through the basement windows, you should hear the echo, then we visited a new friend from Alexander’s class who lives just around the corner.  His mom is really nice and is going to have coffee ready for me next week when we visit the house again.  Have I told you about the great neighbors yet??

nordost nord suedwest sued suedost

One more look at the house and then we get to wait until Monday for the second story floor to take shape.

Eingang Flur Treppe Küchenfenster Terrassentür Alexander im Garten

Haus&Rohbau17 Sep 2008 08:41 pm

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It’s finally happening, the giant lego blocks have arrived and the men have begun playing building.  I took advantage of some free hours at school to run out to the house and get some pictures.  On the left you can see the bathroom and on the right, the view from the dining room through the kitchen into the guestroom/office.

truck Kueche_Gaeste

Here is the living room with a view of the backyard and our wonderful porta potty:

Wohnzimmer Detail

Here is a picture from Sabine’s second story window (have I told you we have great neighbors?!) and a later picture of the progress on the far wall.

von_oben Kueche_Bad

After about an hour of watching and chatting with the neighbors it was back to school and teaching.  Martin headed out sometime later in the day and took some pictures with his phone camera so we’ll see if we can add those.  Tomorrow the cement truck should be there to fill in the walls so I will be driving out to get some more pictures. 

Garten&Grundstück&Haus16 Sep 2008 09:41 pm

Eigentlich hätte ich mehr erwartet nach dem gestrigen Telefonat mit unserem Bauleiter. Zumindest etwas Stahl und die Steine für die Erdgeschoßwände hätten geliefert werden sollen.
…und wieso steht die Toilette noch immer im Esszimmer?

Egal, unseren Garten einmal so aufgeräumt zu sehen, war den Fahrradausflug nach Teltow wert.


Morgen werden ich trotzdem erst unsere Nachbarn anrufen, bevor ich mich für 2mal 17km aufs Fahrrad setze.

Grundstück&Heizung09 Sep 2008 08:01 pm

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Do you know what this green thing is?? – Click to enlarge…


Ok, so you’ve read the title and know that we are now the proud owners of a geothermal heating system.  Well, almost.  Yesterday and today the kids and I drove out to the lot to check the progress and see how the earth loops (thanks, Wikipedia) were being installed.  Here are some of the pictures of what they looked like before a meter of sand blanketed them for a very long rest all snugly warm.




Today, do we have spiders in the ground??


This will be our future driveway and to the right of the ground loops we have a good 2.5 meters free along the length of the lot to put in a dry well and the such.


Continue on, boys!

Haus&Keller06 Sep 2008 08:33 pm

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Remember this?

position of the house

This is how she looked yesterday:


Yep, those wooden pegs are long gone and the basement is done, so now it’s time to fill in the hole…



and have a picnick in our hallway. We even have a porta potty in our dining room.  Lucky us!

basement picnic

Good thing the kids still love playing in the backyard.

kids in the backyard