October 2008

Keller&Rohbau26 Oct 2008 03:55 pm

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Ok, we’re sore but the basement is dry!!  Yesterday we decided it was time to buy a ladder and head down to the basement to see just how much water had rained in between having a cover over the stairway hole to having a complete covered roof.  We were unpleasantly surprised by 2 cm/1 inch of water in the entire basement.  Armed with buckets, shovels, towels and a neighbor’s broom, we managed to get all of the calculated 1500 liters of water into the window wells, in the ground and out of the basement within about 3 1/2 hours.

water! water

Today we drove out to see if opening all the windows overnight had made any difference and we were pleasantly surprised to see the floors in all but the corners to be dry.


One more picture to show you how she looked when we came and when we left.  Hey, there’s a light on!!

house in light darkness

Now to deal with our sore muscles!  Ouch!

Fenster&Rohbau21 Oct 2008 08:07 pm

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Even though it was raining we decided to head out to the house this afternoon.  When we got there we wanted to head directly indoors to get out of the rain but we were confronted by a house full of windows and a locked front door.

…oh and the first few problems decided to turn up too.  The door is not at all the door we ordered, hopefully it’s just the temporary door until we finish building and the door we ordered is installed.  We also ordered windows and doors in the back with more muntins than were in the windows but our builder assured us it won’t be a problem.

Eingang Terrasse

This side was great.

Küche und Alida

Oh and our rainspouts worked well too, the rain was directed away from the house as it should be.  Thanks for the help, new neighbors!!

Dach&Rohbau19 Oct 2008 09:40 pm

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Kimberly is already in bed. You’ll find her translation here tomorrow afternoon CET.
So weit waren wir gestern, als wir die Baustelle im Dunkeln verließen.

So sah es am Vortag aus

Heute war der zweite Anstrich dran. Martin kümmerte sich sofort um die Schräge, die wir gestern nicht mehr geschafft hatten und Kimberly begann mit dem ersten Anstrich an der Eingangsseite. Nach einer Stunde waren wir soweit, dass wir den zweiten Anstrich am restlich Dachüberstand beginnen konnten während Alexander mal wieder fleißig mit der Kamera unterwegs war.

kimberly_unterm_dach.jpg Kimberly at work

In der Zwischenzeit bereitete Alida alles für die Drainagerohre vor und Alexander testete die Stabilität eben dieser. “Hey Daddy, das Rohr macht ein Geräusch wie im Film mit den Lichtschwertern!” (lief etwa Star Wars vorgestern im TV?)

Alida arbeitet am Fallrohr Alexander in action

Als es dann zum Anstecken der gelben Schläuche an die Fallrohre kam, schickten wir die Kinder doch lieber wieder spielen und nahmen sowohl Material und Werkzeug als auch die tatkräftige Unterstützung unserer beiden Nachbarn dankend an.

alexander_drainagerohr.jpg der Regen kann kommen

Dach&Rohbau18 Oct 2008 07:44 pm

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Today rolls changed and Alexander was given the camera and took all of the pictures in this post while Kimberly and Martin climbed the scaffolding to stain the wooden overhang for 3 hours.  Light oak was the color of stain, we’ll see how it turns out.

Südseite fertig Kimberly mit Pinsel Martin streicht die Gaube

After the last bad rain the gutters were cleared out which unfortunately meant a window well was a bit under water.  It’s time to put some piping on that downspout.

Fallrohr Lichtschacht

Of course 3 hours is a long time for a snap-happy kid with a camera, so here are just a few more of the many cool pictures he took.

Feld Dach Rutsche

Dach&Rohbau16 Oct 2008 01:09 pm

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What do you do when the teachers at your son’s school decide to go on strike for more money?  You go to see the red roof, of course!!   Well, first Martin brought Alida to school and then drove out to see the house with Alexander. I had to take the subway in the opposite direction to a sport seminar so I couldn’t join them.  Look, the roof really is red!!

wie immer aus der Ecke fotografiert

Here are the skylights from the inside and out.

DFF aussen DFF innen

Some details, I think Martin got a bit carried away.

dach_detail4.JPG dach_detail.JPG First dach_detail2.JPG Regenrinne

Alexander wanted to be in the picture and Martin kept snapping.

Alexander in der Regenrinne Dachüberstand Dach mit Gaube Regenrinne

Here are a few more detail pictures for a certain person who keeps asking for them.

Balken mehr Balken Blick durchs Obergeschoss und noch mehr Balken

On Monday the doors and windows should be in.

Dach&Rohbau13 Oct 2008 07:30 pm

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Kimberly managed to drive out to the house today before I had to get Alexander back for his piano lesson. When I arrived the men were working diligently on the roof. Do you see our red roof tiles just waiting to be put in place?

roof roof

working shingles

Dach&Rohbau11 Oct 2008 05:45 pm

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The Richtfest was fun!  We hammered some nails, toasted our guests and raised the little tree to the top of our new roof.

hammer richtfest

speech richtfestfun.jpg

It was wonderful hanging out with our friends and family, drinking wine and beer and eating good food in our new house.

guests guests


We’re waiting for permission to use more pictures.

Dach&Rohbau08 Oct 2008 07:20 pm

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Not only do we almost have a full roof, we now have a dormer!! Look, our name is there to prove it.

back windows beams

I love the details close up.  How about the view from the street?

details from the street

Can we move in yet??

Dach&Rohbau06 Oct 2008 02:27 pm

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Martin didn’t want to miss the roof being built, so he rode his bike out this morning to find the men busy working at 9 am.  It’s pretty impressive to see how far they had gotten in only 90 minutes of work.

Dachstuhl Dachstuhl

Left:  This is no job for Martin!  On the right you can see the roof overhang for all of you who have asked to see it.

Klettermaxe Dachüberstand

One last picture before Martin rode the 17 kilometers to work on his bike.

Blick von der Straße

Haus&Rohbau01 Oct 2008 09:07 pm

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Today Alexander and I had so much free time while Alida was at a birthday party that we decided to drive out to the house to see the progress.  It rained to whole day so Martin decided against riding his bike the 17 km to see it himself.

It’s starting to really look like a house now.


In the picture on the left I’m looking through the bedroom to the bathroom and stairway.  On the right you can see the two big windows in the back taken from Alida’s room.


I can finally show you how the freshly poured cement looks inside the walls.  Oh gosh, while I was taking pictures Alexander found some, as we laughingly decided to call it, dinosaur pooh.

wallsdino pooh

One last picture to show you a preview of the view from our hallway/staircase window.