November 2008

Innenausbau&Putz28 Nov 2008 08:08 pm

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Look, the plaster boys mixed plaster for the walls in our kitchen!  What a mess!

cement in the kitchen

Luckily for them, they did a super job on the walls and the ceilings.


We want to move in soon, the afternoon light is just soo inviting in the dining room.


Innenausbau&Trockenbau26 Nov 2008 07:56 pm

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Do you know what this is?


Now you see it…


…now you don’t.

laundry chute gone

Hey, you’re right, that was a quick shot of our laundry chute and our central vacuum cleaner.

chute in progress vacuum pipe

Oh and guess what, the dry wall boys have been at it again and look at what they’ve done!

sky light sky light

dry wall dry wall

dry wall

Elektro&Heizung&Innenausbau&Sanitär18 Nov 2008 07:52 am

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Here is the kitchen: We have dry wall, water for the guest bathroom as seen from the kitchenand the first cables that have been placed.

Küche Wasseranschluß Küche Küche mit Rohren Küche verkabelt Küche mit Wasser

The control panel for the heating system on the first floor in the kitchen and the view from the hallway.

Heizkreisverteiler Heizkreisverteiler Rückseite

In the bathroom on the second floor we have connections for the bathroom sinks as seen from the hallway and inside the bathroom we have the connections for the toilet and bathtub.

Rückseite Waschbecken Badezimmer

 Here are the electrical outlets, light switches, room thermostat on the ‘piano wall’ and the master bedroom with a cable on the ground for the dining room ceiling light:

Klavierwand Schlafzimmerverkabelung

Our electrician installing our mulitmedia cabeling:

Multimedia 1 Multimedia 2 Multimedia 3 Multimedia 4

Fenster&Putz17 Nov 2008 09:31 pm

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Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to keep up with the blog as much as we would have liked the past couple of weeks, it’s been a very busy time, not to mention my computer decided it wanted to go on strike.  Everything is back in order now thanks to Martin, so here are just a few of the pictures we’ve taken.

November 6, 2008:  We had to move the first concrete plate protecting the driveway so our front neighbor could put a fence post in.  Crowbars and muscle power work wonders!


The house painter, or do I call him the plasterer??, has begun preparing the house for some color.  If all goes well, we should be able to show you finished pictures next week.  We won’t say what color we chose but one hint, it’s not orange.  The outside granite window ledges are all in place too.  I love the details.

Außenputz EingangstürFensterbank

1/3 of the grit for the floors was delivered.

Kies für Estrich

Tomorrow we’ll show you some more of the inside with the bathrooms and all of the scary cable salad going through the house.

Innenausbau07 Nov 2008 07:29 am

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…when you are busy making decisions.  No, we haven’t stopped building, we have just been soo busy making important house decisions that we hadn’t realized it had been two whole weeks since our last update.  My computer has also been on the fritz so pictures have been difficult to upload, nonetheless here is a bit of what we’ve been doing.

Thursday, October 30 they started working on the inside of the house.

Innenausbau beginnt

On Monday November 3 we had the hardest, longest and most important of all meetings to discuss the little details with many of our workmen:

  • Plasterer: The color of the house, the bottom trim and the windows framed
  • Plumber: What bathtub and sinks we want along with where to put them
  • Heating installer: Watertank, waterpump and all that has to do with the heating system
  • Electrician: Outlets, light switches, multimedia outlets and where to put the lamps
  • Vacuumcleaner guy: Where to put the outlets for my vacuum hose and what we are going to do with my laundry chute-he’s helping us build that too, so we discussed the materials we should use and how many doors the chute should have

The five hours weren’t long enough to get everything in, so on Thursday we drove out to Hönow to our plumber’s office to talk knitty gritty about our two bathrooms and everything that has to do with water inside and outside of the house.  We made some good decisions there, I think!!

Right after we were finished with the plumber we took the Berliner Ring down to the house to move one of the concrete blocks away from our neighbors’ house.  The next morning he was having his fence finished and needed the room to put in a post.  Armed with a crowbar and some muscle power, we managed to move it the needed 15 cms to the right.  Phew!!  Mario was nice enough to offer his help but we weren’t patient enough to wait for him, we managed it alone.  The kids had a great time playing with the neighbors’ kids and didn’t want to go home, but at 8:30 we did manage to get back to the city and get our two little exhausted monsters into bed at last.