February 2009

Fliesen&Fußboden&Innenausbau28 Feb 2009 10:53 pm

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Martin’s month of vacation is over but there’s still plenty of work to be done, so he was off to the house this morning to continue working.  The basement is only a small portion tiled but at least those in the thresholds are down so the doors can be installed this week.

Just before he started work on the tiles though, he finished the last stretch of the wood floors at the top of the stairs so that this part of the house is as finished as it will be before we move in. 

flooralex hallway floor tiles tilecutter1 tilecutter2

Fliesen&Innenausbau27 Feb 2009 10:02 pm

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After running a few personal errands and then to OBI to rent a really good tile cutting machine, Martin and Wofli started work in the basement in the early afternoon.

When they arrived at the house the vacuum had been mounted and is now all set to be used once we get our electricity hooked up.  Thanks, Systemair!!

vacuum kitchenvacuum

The men really didn’t need to use Wolfi’s 90° angle laser toy because, as you can see, the tiles that they had put down the day before were perfect.


Fliesen&Innenausbau26 Feb 2009 10:37 pm

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Laying tiles is really not that hard, once you get started.  Martin and Wolfi had the entire basement to tile so they started in the middle of the hallway and are going to continue from there working their way into each room.  This way the tiles stop right at the doors.  After lots of calculating and thinking about the best way to start, the first few tiles were placed.  Only after our professional tile guy came down to inspect the work and gave the thumbs up, was the whole row finished.

alidasroom tobasement profitiler tilestreet showerfloor bathroom

And here are the two best tile boys in the world!!!  They do an amazingly good job!

tileguy2 tileguy

Fliesen&Fußboden&Innenausbau25 Feb 2009 10:31 pm

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Martin and Wolfram were at it again while Kimberly stayed home sick with bronchitis. This time the tile boys were at work until late in the night.

laminat_alida laminat_alida2 laminat_alida3 dusche_unten badewanne2 fliesenleger dusche_oben bad_oben

Fußboden&Innenausbau24 Feb 2009 10:35 pm

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It was much easier and went much faster putting the wood floors in the bedroom than in the much smaller hallway. The tile boys are coming tomorrow to finish the bathroom floors which meant Martin and Wolfi could only lay half of the floor in the hallway anyway today.  This was probably a good thing, they were working until quite late.

bedroom-floor bedroom schlafzimmer_fertig stichsaege halber_flur

Elektro&Fußboden&Innenausbau&Malerarbeiten23 Feb 2009 10:57 pm

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Kimberly went back to work today while Martin and Wolfram started on the Pergo.  First they had to get everything ready, they had to scrape the cement clumps from the floor, sweep the fine shavings from the drywaller, lay and tape together the polyethylene, put the Pergo cutter together and then they could finally get to work.  Right after school Kimberly and the kids came to see what they had accomplished…I mean to finish painting the last two rooms.

The electricians were back at work again and finished cabling the fuse box.  They also installed all the outlets and light switches. 

laminatschneider erste_reihe vierte_reihe besuch feinarbeit alexander_fertig

guestroom mudroom1 verteilerkasten kabelkanal_keller temp_regler

Malerarbeiten22 Feb 2009 11:45 pm

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Opa spoiled the kids today and went to the aquarium and then McDonald’s which gave us some very valuable alone painting time.  We managed to finished the last 3 walls in Alexander’s room and then continue in the same grey tone for the stairwell which goes from the 2nd floor to the ground floor and kitchen and then into the basement.  We also painted 2 colors in the living room but after 10 hours of holding a paint roller, we decided to call it a day and went home.  We had originally planned to finish painting all the rooms in the house today and then not touch another can of paint again for a good long time but we still have the mud room and guest room that need to see some color. Tomorrow is yet another day.

alexandersblauewand treppenhaus2 wohnzimmer1 wohnzimmer2

allgemein&Innenausbau&Malerarbeiten21 Feb 2009 10:18 pm

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We really wanted to spend some well-deserved time with the kids this weekend and not do any work in the house but we didn’t manage to get as much painting done as planned during the week, so Saturday we were back at work.  Opa Wolfi came on Friday to help out which made us so very uninteresting to the kids anyway.

At 10 am we had made plans to meet the Kern-Haus team to show our house to 10 families that will be possibly building houses with our company too.  It was a fun morning and our first ‘party’ in the new house.  We love our house and we really enjoyed showing it off.  This was also the perfect chance to get some things worked out such as a new handle for our front door.  Yeah!!!


After everyone had left at about  2 pm we grabbed our paint rollers again and got back to work.  Martin had a ceiling and the upstairs bathroom to paint white while Kimberly touched up the joints in all the rooms on the first floor.  After that the white paint was closed for good and it was time for more color!!  We started in Alexander’s room with one wall in blueberry, just as he requested.  The other 3 walls will be done tomorrow.

blau blaubeer

We then went to our bedroom where one wall was painted in dark nutmeg and the other three in nutmeg two shades lighter.  Martin was worried that we might have to paint the dark wall another coat, but we’ll have to see tomorrow in the daylight.

muskat muskat1 muskat2

Elektro&Fliesen&Malerarbeiten20 Feb 2009 11:13 pm

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When we got to the house this morning the electricians were already working.  They were busy all morning installing our new fuse box.  After seeing the size of it, I couldn’t help but wonder if we were in charge of the neighbors’ fuses as well.  😉


We decided to start with a second coat of white paint when someone knocked at the door to tell us that they were delivering our tiles for the basement. The truck was too big to fit down the driveway and there was so much snow that hadn’t been shovelled on the driveway that they couldn’t drive the small fork lift, so they were dropped off on the street. We decided the best way to get them into the house without too much pain would be to load them in parts and drive them down in our car.  It worked well and after we had brought 42 packs of them into the house we got back to work with white paint.


About 2 hours later we heard another knock at the door, the truck with the Pergo for the entire second floor had arrived.  This time we quickly grabbed a neighbor’s shovel and managed to clear a small strip for the fork lift to drive down.

laminat3 laminat1 laminat2

After a well-deserved break we were finally, after 3 weeks of only unsing white, able to dip into the first can of colored paint.  We finished painting Alida’s room pink and purple, just as she wanted it. Thanks to her help, of course.

erste_lila alida_hilft1 details pink_purple erste_zimmer_bunt pinknpurple

Innenausbau&Malerarbeiten19 Feb 2009 09:12 pm

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Kimberly worked from bottom up starting under the stairs in the basement, of course under careful watch by the Barbie family lounging on the stairs.

While she was working her way up, Martin painted all of the ceilings and then finished painting the higher parts in the stairwell where Kimberly’s arms just didn’t quite reach.

In order to stick to our plan of having all walls white before we called it a day today, Alida had to take a break from playing in the snow and pick up a roller to help.  Of course, she was more than happy to help paint her new room.

After today our house is as white inside as the snow around it outside.  Tomorrow it will be time for some color!!

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