April 2009

Küche&Türen16 Apr 2009 09:27 pm

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Kimberly bought 3 new bar stools for the kitchen that weren’t only the perfect color and adjustable but they were also very affordable.  Now we can finally eat breakfast in the kitchen.


Here are some more pictures of the front door and the new door handle.  Much better!!

stossgriff haustuerinnen stossgriff2

Fenster&Garten15 Apr 2009 03:25 pm

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The day has finally come where the window/door man will be replacing our windows and doors in the back to match the upstairs windows.  He also installed the blinds so we can close them at night.  Oh and I shouldn’t forget the most important thing, he put in the front door and changed the handle to one that was more to our taste. 

fenster1 neuetuer

On Friday we had an informal birthday party for Martin.  Our neighbors were so sweet and brought Martin a pot of flowers and a hanging frog prince for the back yard. 

terrasse asymmetrisch

Here is the old door and door handle that wasn’t at all our taste. 

bautuer tuerklinke drueckergarnitur

Much better!!!!

eingangstuer hausmitgarten

One last thing, the upstairs bathroom window opened the wrong way and was also changed.


allgemein12 Apr 2009 01:10 pm

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Wolfram und Lukas surprise attacked us on Saturday to help out with the house.  We now have a few lamps in place and the old kitchen is securely mounted on the wall in the basement. 

In the middle of all the unpacking we were even able to dye some Easter eggs. 

ostern06 ostern02

Although our yard is pretty much still a construction site, the kids were able to find a few things the Easter bunny left for them. 

ostern03 ostern10 ostern09 ostern08 ostern04 ostern11 ostern01 ostern07 

allgemein&Haus08 Apr 2009 10:43 am

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Kimberly und Alida cut off the protective fleece covering from the stairs so we could finally see the stairs and Alexander enjoyed the morning view with Zindy from the back door.

treppeohnefilz freunde

Umzug07 Apr 2009 09:39 pm

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The day we’ve been waiting so long for has finally arrived.  At 8 am sharp the moving truck drove up although Kimberly had a few worries that they wouldn’t.  You see, Gates-Truck  had been having a week of bad luck and problems so they hadn’t been able to put up no parking signs in front of the building nor did they manage to deliver extra boxes when we needed them but that didn’t stop them from showing up on time ready to move our things to the new house.  What a great bunch of guys, thanks Gates-Truck!

jetztwirdsernst zille33 erstepause

After just 3 hours they filled the rented moving truck with our things and we headed to Teltow.  The movers took a few coffee breaks but worked hard to get everything in its place.  After all was said and done it was 9:30 pm and they were finally on their way home which meant we were able to put our bed together for our first night in the new house. 

moebelpacker zweitepause sofakommt sofaanseinemplatz

Just a year ago we were so excited to get a porta potty delivered to the lot because it meant they were going to start building.  On moving day we were just as excited to see them take the same porta potty away because it meant the building was finally over.  😀


Oh and the cats were also a bit confused on moving day.  We’ve never seen them snuggle so close together, at least not without a hiss or two.  I think they were quite happy to have each other during so much chaos.


Innenausbau06 Apr 2009 01:04 pm

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It’s finally time to put in the baseboards….

scheuerleiste montagekleber gaestezimmermitscheuerleiste schlafzimmermitscheuerleiste wohnzimmerfertig

…so that we can get back to the apartment and finish packing the last of the boxes.  Now to wait for the moving truck.

vorbereitungen vorbereitungen2 vorbereitungen3 vorbereitungen4

Innenausbau&Sanitär03 Apr 2009 09:58 pm

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We now have a backflow trap, sinks, showers and an outside faucet.

 rueckstauklappe doppelwaschtisch duschpanel regendusche

Innenausbau&Sanitär02 Apr 2009 07:28 pm

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Yep, you guessed it, we have 2 toilets as of today and we are thrilled!

toiletdown toiletup

Alas, we still don’t have water, although a few of the necesarry items have been installed in preporation for water which we plan to have tomorrow.

tub drain undersink

Look what we’ve been reduced to, we’re excited about toilets. 😉

Fliesen&Innenausbau02 Apr 2009 03:45 am

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Martin spent 2 days in the basement finishing the last of the tiles.  Now to just finish them with silicone but that can wait for now.