June 2009

Garten29 Jun 2009 04:15 pm

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Learning from our mistakes and the incident with the rain in the basement, we’ve since dug deeper canals for the water to be directed away from the house.   Of course the ditches are great for the kids to use as rivers and lakes for their paper boats.    I hope it’s a dry summer, the yard isn’t planned until fall and the blisters on my hands need time to heal.

venedig4 venedig6 venedig5

venedig2 venedig venedig3

Elektro&Innenausbau21 Jun 2009 09:31 pm

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Finally Martin was able to start the wiring for the multimedia in the house.  First he took off the frame and the plastic coating around the wire…

homeway1 homeway2

…then he put all the cables in the right postion…

homeway3 homeway4

…the wall jack is screwed on and the modules are set in…

homeway5 homeway6



Of course the other side of the wires has to be done too.  Martin hung our second electic box on the wall a few days ago but he hadn’t dared to start puting the cables in the right oder.


The mess of cables was put in order and the first Das Kabelwirrwarr wurde geordnet, die erste din rail is screwed on…


… then they were put in the correct IDC terminal.  At least I think that’s what it’s all called.  I don’t know how to translate all the words into English so let’s just say that he has started to get our cables in order so we can plug in the phone, TV and internet through the house.

zentrale3 zentrale4

Just a few more to go and then we are done!!!

Heizung19 Jun 2009 03:22 pm

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Today two men from the heating company came to put in a sealing gasket because the foam they used wasn’t enough to keep the water out of the basement.

Martin made coffee and took pictures because there wasn’t much more for him to do.  Good thing we have internet so that he could at least work from home.  

dichtung-vor-einbau dichtung dichtung-mit-silikon

allgemein&Innenausbau18 Jun 2009 02:25 pm

So langsam wird’s auch mit der Multimediaverkabelung. Herr Sch. von der Firma homeway hat uns heute die bestellten Materialien persönlich vorbei gebracht und Martin gleich an einer Dose gezeigt, wie er alles ordnungsgemäß verkabeln kann.

Dann werden wir heute abend mal ein paar Strippen ziehen.

Nur mit der SAT-Anlage sind wir noch nicht weiter. Wolfram war von Dienstag bis Mittwoch bei uns und statt mit den Kindern zu spielen haben wir uns mit LNBs, F-Steckern, Receivern und einem vermeintlich zu schwachen Signal beschäftigt. Also schauen wir weiterhin über DVB-T.

allgemein17 Jun 2009 09:10 pm

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Our 4th, and hopefully last, site manager was at our house on Monday afternoon for 7 hours going over all of the problems we’ve run into since beginning this building adventure.  As he left the words “Everything will be ok,” made us feel so much better!

Today we got our first copy of the emails he wrote in our name to get the companies that have worked on our house to do their job.  Now we just have to wait to hear how the companies react.

Now we really feel like we are in good hands and yes, everything will be ok.

Hausanschlüsse16 Jun 2009 11:01 pm

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Hurrah!!! We are finally conected to the rest of the world again. Alice managed to work on and sucessfully close our move request. Telephone and Internet are up and running again!
Musterhaus08 Jun 2009 08:55 pm

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Here is our view from the upstairs bathroom window with and without a flash.

Sonnenuntergang2 Sonnenuntergang

allgemein&Elektro&Innenausbau01 Jun 2009 09:41 pm

Vor lauter Aufregung im Keller haben wir unsere neuen Lampen ganz vergessen. Gestern konnten wir Lampen im Windfang, Küche und neben der Eingangstür anschließen.

Windfang Küchenlampe Eingang1 Eingang2