August 2009

Garten30 Aug 2009 09:28 pm

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Someday we hope to have a shed in the backyard and maybe even a carport to keep the car happy and protected, but what is a shed and a carport without electricity??  That’s why we decided an electric cable running from the basement to the backyard was in order.  So how do you get a cable at least 80 cms (safe from frost)  under the ground?  You dig.  And that’s just what we did one sunny Sunday afternoon.  Thanks to our neighbor and the two of us digging…

th digging begins …and digging…stilldigging

…and looking for gold with the metal detector…metal detector

…and more digging…  digging

…and a bit of playing…familyaffair

…it only took from 11 am until 7 pm for us to finally finish.  No, we didn’t find any gold or valuables but we did have a nice looking ditch in the back and sideyard where we could put the cable and connect it to the house when we were done.

thecanal ground

This is the gasket inside and outside the house before we put the cable through it to electricity on the inside.

dichtungausen dichtunginnen

Here is the splitter where all 4 cables (shed, carport and pump for the underground rainwater tank) come together under the ground.

cableconnecting cables curve

Garten20 Aug 2009 06:56 pm

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We talked to our lanscaper Alexander Jach and we should be getting our garden done by the end of September. That means cleaning up the yard of old concrete and trash that the various workers have left behind. No problem, we can do that. After a day’s work we managed to bring 3 car loads of trash to the dump including 700 kilos of concrete. Good thing concrete is the cheapest thing to bring to the dump.

muell1 concrete

Innenausbau12 Aug 2009 08:39 pm

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Unfortunately, when we were planning the cabling with the electrician, way back when the living room was still just a figment of our imaginations, we forgot to include 2 antenna outlets which allows us to watch something on TV and at the same time record something different .  It’s a good thing we have empty ductwork from the living room to the basement so we could thread a second cable through and drill another hole in the wall for the second outlet.

verkabelung2 verkabelung3 verkabelung

Not too long after that Martin found the time to finish all the cabling in the basement.  It’s finally done and looks great!

zentrale verteilerschrank