September 2009

Garten26 Sep 2009 07:58 pm

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This week’s progress started with the edging around the house and the outer bricks of the front step on Monday.

starting starting

step step

Traufkante done front step

On Tuesday the work continued.  The men spread the dirt and then the ground soil to make it nice and even.

dirt soil soil1 soil4


Quiting time!

parked feierabend

On Wednesday the men were here bright and early at 7 am to start again.  Now the front has an edge and you can see where my front bushes will go.  Now to figure out what kind of bushes should go there.

Thursday front

Yet another decision is what kind of stones to use for the edging.  How about granite pieces?


Thursday was yet another busy day.

laying stones stones

Finally on Friday they had finished the front step and the driveway, at least where we park the car.

cutting stones driveway step

Garten19 Sep 2009 04:50 pm

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Alexander Jach our landscaper has only been working a week on our yard and it looks great already.  At least we all think so.

Monday: The big thing that changed was his sign and the fact that the tree stumps that we’ve had in the back yard since we bought the lot are now gone.  He also dug out around the window wells.  We had good intentions on Sunday to move all our flowers and grill to the neighbors’ yard, but it wouldn’t stop raining the whole day so everything was still there on Monday.

mo_gartenmitblumen mo_jach mo_wurzeln mo_lichtschacht_frei

Tuesday: The dry well is in place and connected to the rainwater pipe.  Three cement rings for the second dry well were waiting ready to be placed on the other side of the house.  One of four window wells was raised and we managed to bring the flowers and garden junk over to Sabine and Michael’s yard for storage until we’re finished.

di_sickerschacht di_lichtschachthoch di_lichtschacht_hoch di_blumenweg

Wednesday: The last 3 window wells were raised, the 5000 liter rainwater tank was delivered and our stones for the driveway are waiting patiently to be placed in position.

mi_tank mi_pflastersteine

Thursday: As they tried to dig a hole for the water tank, the first problems arose.  They hit a thick cable which no one could identify.  After a complete dig stop, to make sure no electricity was running through it, it turned out to be just a part of the cable used when they were building.  It’s now out and gone.

do_starkstrom do_brunnenring do_sickerschacht do_regenentwaesserung do_tank1

do_tank2 do_tank3do_einschlaemmen do_ringanpassen do_sickerschacht2 do_rohrsystem do_tankweg

Friday: The yard was leveled, a bit of soil was delivered, trash was taken and then a bit more soil delivered.

fr_mutterboden1 fr_bagger fr_feierabend

We’re waiting excitedly to see what next week brings.

Garten16 Sep 2009 09:24 pm

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After digging the ditch for the electric cable we burried her up and started the next project which had to be finished in a week because our Landscaper Alexander Jach called up to tell us he would be bringing the machines to start the garden on Monday. Armed with a drill, 200 screws and anchors, 40 meters of metal protective strips and some clear silikon we went to work on the metal barrier between the plastic basement covering and the house. This will be an extra moisture barrier between house and basement.

progress capleistedrilling capleiste2 finished side