October 2009

Garten04 Oct 2009 08:44 pm

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On Sunday we headed to our favorite OBI and bought some cherry laurel bushes to plant in the front two planters.  First we dug the holes.


Then we planted the bushes.


Kimberly hid a bit behind the bushes.


And then she watered them.


Now that’s much better, the front is green and now we can sit back and wait for the grass to catch up.

front frontdoor

Garten03 Oct 2009 08:34 pm

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Green!!  It’s all  in a weekend’s work.  On Saturday we decided it was time to plant some grass so after Jach came to deliver the roller, even on a holiday he was willing to bring it over to us, we started raking the yard.  Unfortunately, the trees in the back had it in for us and dropped as many leaves as we were able to rake up but we weren’t discouraged by it and kept on raking.

driveway with the roller raking

After we raked as much as we could we leveled out the soil with rakes and the roller.  Once everything was good and even, we spread out the fertilizer and then the grass seed.


We then raked it all again to get the seed to work into the soil.  Then it was time to roll it all iover again.


Of course after 8 hours of working on the yard the last thing we did was water the seed.


Now for it all to grow!  Notice the leaves all over the yard? Well, now those seeds are warm under a blanket of leaves.  Now to get some bushes for the front.

Garten02 Oct 2009 08:18 pm

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Monday: On Monday the men prepared the driveway and brought the existing underground pipes for sewage and water to the right level.

mo-deckels mo-deckel mo-house

Tuesday: They had a few last things to finish before laying the stones on Tuesday. Before we left for work they were still preparing the driveway and by the time we got home the driveway was finished.

du-driveway tu-deckel tu-driveway

Wednesday: On Wednesday all was quiet on the housefront and the coffee I had made and left by the front door remained untouched.

Thursday: On Thursday they worked on Sabine and Michael’s driveway.

Friday: Friday was the day they finally did the last bits of work on our driveway and the filled in the rest of the soil around the house and in the front.  They also did the remaining touches to our water pump for our rain water tank and then cleaned up the yard of any last hints of work that had been done there.  It’s amazing to think a month ago this was all dirt.

fr-front2 fr-front3 fr-edging fr-driveway fr-side fr-back