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Much has happened since our last blog post, the deck is finally done!!

The boards were cut to make an even edge, the edging with stones was lengthened under the side of the deck, we put edging stones in under the boards to keep the dirt from sliding under and the sand from sliding out and finally we were able to screw down the last row of boards.

After we filled in the edging with granite pieces that had been patiently waiting in a big bag on the drivewy, we started edging the deck with granite bricks.  5 bags or 220 kg cement was used to cement in the 56 bricks around the edge.

Just as we thought we had finally cleared the driveway of all building materials , 2 m³ soil was delivered. Kimberly, the neighbors and kids helped filled in the holes with soil while Martin was at work.  They only left 3 wheelbarrows full for him to finish with when he got home.

We planted grass seed that night to make it complete and then we could enjoy it. Almost!

Kimberly spent the last 2 days sanding down the screws and making sure nothing was rough and splintery and then put 2 coats of Bangarai oil on it to protect it from the weather.  Next came some flowers on the side and then it was finally done!!